Feathers and Birds

Polar ice is a lovely pure white porcelain clay. It is sticky and challenging to work with but once fired becomes beautifully translucent. These feathers are all made individually by hand, making each one uniquely special.

​under 5"- $25
5"-7"  $30
7" & up $35

Porcelain is defined as a hard, nonabsorbent clay body that rings when struck. These bells are all hand built and carefully assembled. Each piece is one
 of a kind. 


Polar ice porcelain leaves and snowflakes are beautiful hanging in a window or on the Christmas tree. The delicate details will be illuminated by the light. They are individually hand made so no two are exactly alike.

Leaves $15                 Snowflakes $18

These sweet birds are raku fired and perched on a variety of branches and driftwood. The firing process creates a crackle finish in the glaze and flashes of silver and charcoal.

$125 and up
$55 SOLD
$65 SOLD
$50 SOLD
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These unique feathers are made with a mixture of colored polar ice clay. They don't all come out of the kiln in one piece but the ones that do are magical!
​under 5"- $28
5"-7"  $34
7" & up $38