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Commissions are always welcome. I can make something special just for you!
Clay is my passion. 
An element ​from the earth that is soft and supple but can withstand intense heat, changing it to be strong and hard. It requires patience, for the process is not immediate but ever changing. You cannot see the end at the beginning.  Your vision is only brought to light after the last firing.
My pieces reflect the beauty of the landscape. The exploration of color, texture and pattern are an integral component of my work. I seek to capture the innate simplicity and intricacies of nature. To draw you into it's effortless splendor.
The vessel is my canvas. It is the backdrop to each handmade flower, branch or stone. An illustration of the art of nature entwined with the vessel of mankind. The natural elements pushing and pulling at its functionality. Perhaps the vessel now holds something more.
The purpose of my clay work is to inspire, stir up an emotion or memory......
 feed the soul.
"Stones Throw"
"Spring Rain"
"Antique Rose"
"Eye Spy"
"Stone Rose"
"Blackberry Bowl"
41/2"h x 12"w
"Woven Cradle"
51/2" x 13"w
"On the Banks of the Bow"
"Low Tide"
"Silent Symphony"
"Nature in Balance"
"Alberta Woodland"
"Secret Garden"
12 1/2"h x 10"w
"Spring Palette"
14"h x 9"w
17"h x 8 1/2"w
"River Dance"
"Summer Succulents"

12"h x 9 1/2"w
"Saskatoon Patch"
"Spanish Melody"
8 1/2" x 11"w
"Spring Jewels"
4 1/2" x 13"w
"Wild Saskatoons"
"Winter Daisies"
"Winter Sheds"
15" x 12"w
"Sweet Cascade"
15"h x 8 1/2"w
SOLD  $925

""Nature's Whisper"
porcelain & polar ice porcelain
7 1/2"h x 13 1/2"w
SOLD $925

low fire hand building clay
6 1/2"h x 18 1/2"w
SOLD $1200

10"h x 10 3/4"w
low fire hand building clay
17 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w

"Wall Flower"
14 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w

"Gilded in Cold"
low fire hand building clay
5 1/2"h x 14 1/2"w
SOLD $875
"Wild Composition"
15 1/2"h x 12 1/2"w
"Nature's Breath"
SOLD $850
"Purple Haze"
7"h x 8"w
"Shades of Apricot"
"Wild Embrace"
low fire handbuilding clay
9 1/2"h x 12 1/2"w
SOLD $900
"Frosty Thicket"
13"h x 10"w
SOLD $800
"Solitary Forest"
low fire hand building clay
17 3/4"h x 12"w
SOLD $850
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"Garden Dancers"
12"h x 10"w